Terms and conditions



This terms define rules of use online store forwall.ie, making orders for available products in this store, delivery of the ordered products to customers, payments, customer rights to cancel the order and cancel the contract and for the submission and consideration of complaints.

Ignorance of the rules does not relieve the customer from saved its principles and rules. Purchase from our online store www.forwall.ie The Buyer confirms that it is familiar with the Terms and Conditions and accepts its terms and shipping costs and agrees to abide by them.


  1. GENERAL INFORMATION1. The owner of online store forwall.ie, called Store.
    2. Forwall.ie is a party to the contractual sale concluded with the customer and is called on the bill as a seller of the products ordered by the customer.

    3. Store sells products online, to purchase you have to fill up form and accept terms and conditions of delivery.

    4. The Buyer is a person or company, which filled up order form. The buyers has to be adult person

    5. Customer agrees to use the store personal data given in order form necessary to realize order and accounting purposes. Each customer has acces to check or change personal data, can also ask to delete his profile from the lists of the clients. Providing personal data is voluntary, but failure to provide your consent may effect on realize order. Merchant agrees not to share any personal information of its customers, both address information and e-mail addresses for purposes not related to the execution of orders.

    6. Administrator of the personal data is adress

    7. Forwall.ie company declares that it has copyright to all works of graphic offered on website forwall.ie

    Copy, save or reproduction of graphics design placed on products, regardless of the technique is not allowed


    1. Quantity of the ofered products can change anytime and all products are made for order.

    2.Quantity of the promoted products in the store is limited. Sales of these products is realized in sequence of purchase until exhaustion the offer.

    3. Store reserve the right to cancel or reduce the offer, organizing and cancel promotions and changes in product range and prices of goods.

    4. Shop does its best to present at the pictures and descriptions of goods were in line with their true qualities.


    1. Ordered products will be accepted on first come. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year. Orders placed on weekdays after hours. 16:00, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be processed the next business day. For larger orders Operator reserves the right to execute them over a longer period than that specified in the regulations (after informing the customer by e-mail).

    2. Order is placed only if the order form has been properly completed and sent to Forwall.ie company via available ways on forwall.ie

    3. Process of purchasing:

    – Customer place an order via order form available on website forwall.ie

    – Customer choose way of the payment and delivery

    – Store verify correctness of the order and sent to client on e-mail address confirmation of the order, where includes information about date of production and shipping ordered goods. Order verification is finding completness of customers personal data and data for shippment, check the list of products ordered by customer.

    – In case of inability verify the order, the order will be treated as rejected. If customer’s personal data is incomplete, the data for shipment or customer data to the invoice, Store is committed to attempt contact with the client to complete the missing information. The inability to obtain contact with the customer within seven calendar days of the receipt of the contract is to treat the contract as impossible to verify, and thus rejected. Inability to perform the verification means customer personal data incompleteness, incomplete data for shipment, inability to contact the customer to verify / supplement incomplete data.

    4. Customer can correct his order only up to sending by the storage order confirmation to the customer. Client can also cancel his order before it is confirmed by the store. For orders paid in advance, store returns payment nreduced of bank fees. In selecting the way of payment in advance by bank transfer on a Store bank account, the order will be canceled if there is no impact of the account within seven calendar days from the day of its filing. Customer cannot cancel order that have allready been sent.

    5. Store reserve the right to refuse an order that contains incomplete information, such as incorrect shipping address, no email address necessary to complete order execution. When choosing a method of payment in advance by bank transfer to the account of the Store orders that are not paid within seven calendar days from the date of submission will be considered out of date and will not be realized unless individual arrangements between the Customer and the Shop are otherwise.

    6. Delivery time in our Store up to 14 working days from the date of order confirmation.

    7. The delivery of goods is done via courier DPD and GLS

    8. Payments for ordered products by client can be done by bank transfer, credits cards, quick transfer PayPal

    9. Invoices are available on special customer wish.

    10. Any kind of delay in delivery, and its non-compliance with the order, as well as damage caused during transportation customer must notify the Store.

    11. When customer will not pick up goods sent by Store, customer will be charged for the return undelivered shippent and re-shipping it. In the case of th return shippment to the store and impossibility of contact with the customer, purchased goods will be stored by the store at the customer’s expense.


    1. Photomurals, canvas pictures are available on special customer order. Customer specifies the order by selecting the photo, material, dimension and possible print finishing options. Production of each product is carried out the basics by customer order.

    2. The Buyers ordered product (photo wallpaper, sticker, canvas) is configured based on the individual and detailed order, return of goods for any reason is definitely not acceptable.

    3. If customer purchased stickers for kids, Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 10 days of receipt of the ordered product.

    4. Goods bought online can be returned for any reason, a written statement within 10 calendar days. What matters to him from the date of shipping the goods. In order to effectively withdraw from the contract within the time limit should be send to the store relevant written statement. It is recommended to send a statement by registered mail with return receipt. In addition to the transfer of such a statement Customer shall return to the store bought stuff. The product should be returned within 14 days in the same state. The cost of such items covered by the customer. The shop is required to certify in writing to return the goods. In addition, the Customer is obliged to pay the equivalent of the price of goods.


    1. The term of the warranty is one year and begins on the day when The Buyer receives the goods.

    2. The customer is obliged within three working days from the receipt of the parcel to report via e-mail or post complaints concerning damage to parcels or goods in transit.

    3. Before assembling your product it should be carefully checked and see if its parameters are in compliance with the order (dimensions, number of parts, matching of parts, laminate, graphics quality). Any discrepancies must be notified prior to installation. If the wallpaper installation, sticker or poster will be initiated or executed (which means that the product will not be returned to us intact), the ability to claim faults, which could be detected before the fitting does not entitle you to a claim.

    4. Complaints should be submitted by e-mail: contact@forwall.ie

    5. Customer who reports a defect of the goods, if the goods have not been installed, customer is obligated to return defective goods to Store in order to carry out the complaint process.

    6. When photomural is installed, the customer should make a detail descriptions while reporting of defects. Store will instruct the client to identify further process the complaint.

    7. The Seller is required to complete the complaint within 14 days. Completion of the process is determined from the investigation and is calculated from the time of delivery. If the claim is not solved by the Seller within the 14 days shall be recognized for the claim.

    8.If the provided package has visible signs of damage or opening, there is reason to believe that the product has been damaged, report this fact to the courier upon delivery and write a report of damage to his presence. Please refuse to accept the shipment and immediately contact the store.

    9. When customer purchased goods for purposes relating to his trade or profession (client who is not a consumer) in case of a product defect and the complaint by the store, customer has only the right to replace the goods or reduce costs while maintaining the product.


    1. Prices are in GBP include the taxes, price does not include shipping costs.

    2. This Terms and Conditions is a document defining rules for procurement in the store. Each customer is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions, and its provisions are binding for the customer at the time of his purchases in the store.

    3. Store reserve the right to change these Terms in full, or any part of. Any change of the Terms and Conditions come into force on the date specified by the store, not less than seven days from the date of making them available on the www.forwall.ie prominently.
    The customer is not bound by those provisions of the Terms and Conditions, which have been changed after placing the order.

    4. Opinions and questions about how Store works, presenting products and orders should be addressed to: contact@forwall.ie

    5. The Civil Code will apply In matters not covered by the Terms and Conditions.

    6. Forwall.ie company who lead online store www.forwall.ie is not responsible for purchased made by third parties using customer data.